Store all your company videos, images and documents securely online

Easy to handle user management. Grant or restrict access per single user or per user group


Store all your company videos, images and documents securely online.

View the images and play the videos in any browser.

Easy online access and downloading from every location, 24/7.


Organize and tag your digital assets to make them easy to find and to share.

Clear overview of the activities of all your users.


Give colleagues, partners or customers easy access to the videos and photos of your organisation.

Show your videos on your own website, or any other website, without bothering your IT-staff or overload the company server. And without annoying adds or logos!


yourmediakit Starter

for one-man businesses & small organisations

10 GB data usage Up to 10 users Manage your own account

500 ,– /One Off one off setup & training 25 ,– /Month monthly & hosting

yourmediakit Premium

for medium sized businesses & organisations

100 GB data usage Up to 100 users Manage your own account

500 ,– /One Off one off setup & training 100 ,– /Month monthly & hosting

yourmediakit Tailormade

for corporates & organisations

Data storage: as much as you need Unlimited number of users Manage your own account or get support

500 ,– /One Off one off setup & training 300 ,– /Month monthly & hosting

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About us

A short history

YourMediaKit was founded in The Netherlands under the name Videobankonline, in 2008. To refresh your memory a bit:

In 2008, there were 187 million websites. Today, there are 4,7 billion. In 2008, we called the Internet "The web". On which we surfed. Remember? Okay, back to the story then.

The founding partners of Videobankonline were quite a diverse group of people: two young online entrepreneurs, two – a bit more seasoned – video & television producers and one teenage brilliant multitalented web & server engineer.

They created an online database for large video files in specific broadcast formats. Their first clients were organisations that wanted to share their footage with television networks worldwide.

In the following years new functionalities were added to meet changing demands. The "old skool 2008 design" got a thorough makeover, and the name Videobankonline was replaced by YourMediaKit.

Today YourMediaKit is the solution to store, organise and share your digital assets. We have a suitable solution for all organisations, big or small. And although a lot has changed since 2008, we still do our utmost to make sure you get the best product and the best service. We do. It's true.


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