yourmediakit is an online database for storing, viewing and downloading videos. Your content is easy to share with colleagues or customers, or with media parties such as televison networks and online news agencies.


Central and safe online storage of all videos and photos that your organisation wants to store or share. You can view the photos and play the videos in any browser. This gives you a good overview of what you have stored.


Give colleagues, partners or customers easy access to the videos and photos of your organisation.


Show your videos on your own website, or any other website, without bothering your IT-staff or overload the company server. And without annoying adds or logos!


Push your videos to Youtube via yourmediakit


Share videos and photos of your organisation with national en international televison networks and websites Get track of who is downloading your content We notify media parties when you add new content that you want to share with them

NOS BBC Al-Jazeera

"We've been working with yourmediakit for a while now and are very pleased with it. Recent footage is available for us realtime, and we can upload it directly into our editing system. No extra steps have to be taken, it's very easy. Tapes and XD-discs get lost in a news room, well, that's history now! The footage is also of high quality, well filmed and up-to-date. W." Remco Liscaljet Digital Archive RTL


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